XD 2.1.16

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It's an addon for GTL/GTR2/rFactor/GSC(E)/Race07/GTR-Evo (Steam only! Version: which lets you display some useful informations whilst driving.
In Particular:

MoTeC Data
  • Tyretemperatures (In/Mid/Out)
  • Tyrewear
  • Tyrepressure
  • Enginetemperatures (Water/Oil)
  • Braketemperatures
  • Engine Health
Session Info
  • Track- and ambienttemperature
  • Session length (remaining time in a practice session or laps in race)
  • Fuelconsumption (for last lap / average)
Advanced Timingstable
  • Driverslist and their postion
  • During practice the fastest laps are displayed
  • In Race the gaps are displayed according to yourself. These times are updated every second or by sector change (can be customized)

Installation Instructions

Download and extract the content to your GAME installation folder.
Then you need the latest DirectX 9.0c Package. Download from Microsoft. This is required! Without the DirectX-Update the game won't start if the XD is installed.


2.1.16 (30.10.2016)

- RACE07 Update

2.1.15 (21.11.2015)

- Updated rFactor support for 1.255g
- RACE07 Update
- Game-Stock-Car Extreme 2013 support added (v1.50)

2.1.12 (05.09.2012)

- Added option to display delta-time to best- or last-lap
- Game-Stock-Car support added (Experimental)

2.1.11 (07.08.2012)

- Fixed a serious bug which could cause the operating-system to become unresponsive or hang when alt-tabbing out of the game
- Added a new option to show the tyre temperature in three different colors (in/mid/out) instead of one single color based on average temperature across the tyre. (See XD.ini for details, option is named "SingleTyreColor").

2.1.10 (08.06.2012)

- Fixed incorrect number of laps shown during race-session in GTL
- SoftTH compatibility added.

2.1.9 (25.11.2011)

- Updated RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.8 (23.06.2011)

- Fixed bug: Tyrewear values were displayed incorrectly

2.1.7 (23.06.2011)

- Updated RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.6 (16.03.2011)

- Updated RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.5 (03.03.2011)

- Updated RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.4 (23.01.2010)

- Updated RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.3 (16.10.2009)

- Updated RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.2 (11.08.2009)

- Fixed bug where RACE07 crashes on exit when STEAM community is enabled

2.1.1 (11.08.2009)

- Updated RACE07 support for Steam Version
- rFactor (Version: support added (Experimental)

2.0.1 (09.05.2009)

- Fixed bug: Wrong tyre colors shown when using imperial setting
- Fixed transparency issues and engine health not showing up in RACE07

2.0.0 (04.05.2009)

- Added support for GTL and RACE07/GTR-Evo
- MoTeC: Added break-wear
- MoTeC: All warnings/colors changed to car specific data (was fixed before)
- MoTeC: Improved engine-health value
- Standings: Player is now displayed in a different color
- Standings: Max drivers shown can now be customized in the ini:

65; How many players to display in the standings? (Default: 13)
66StandingsPlayersVisible = 20

- Standings: Background changed to match visible drivers
- Standings: During practice/qualifying drivers who are attacking P1 get marked green. After passing a sector the split-gap is shown for 6 seconds.
- Standings: Drivers who finished the race are marked blue
- Session-Info: Improved calculation of fuel-consumption:
Average consumption is now shown in practice/qualifying. Stays valid until session-change.
Estimated laps shown based on consumption of last lap and average, switches every 10 seconds.
Can be changed in ini-file:
51; 0 = Cycle from liters last lap to prediction every 10 secs (default)
52; 1 = Show only liters last lap & average
53; 2 = Show only predicted laps based on last lap and average
54; option is valid only when general HUD-Mode is not 0
55FuelMode = 1

- Added new mode: Display and change Pit-Strategy (only for GTR˛)

Values marked green have been changed from default.
It's different from the damages. Damages e.g. Aero marked green will get repaired, orange = don't repair.

Change of tyre tyre-pressures will be applied only when the actual tyre gets changed in the pitstop.

Note: Basically tyre brands are shown as numbers, typically from 1 (Soft Compound) up to 6 (Monsoon Compound). You can train these by cycling through the front tyre brands in the setup menu.

- Added track-conditions (displays next to track-temperature)
(D): Dry
(H): Humid
(W): Wet
(AP): Aquaplaning
- Added MoTeC-History function:
99; Show MoTeC-Data from the run before for x seconds
99; 0 = Disabled (default)
100MotecHistory = 5

1.0.5 (22.10.2007)

- It's now possible to select any Shader-Level in the config dialog (was forced DX9 in the previous versions)

1.0.4 (19.10.2007)

- Bug fixed where GTR2 could crash when entering an online-race-session

1.0.3 (18.09.2007)

- Fixed bug where GTR2 locks up when entering a race session without driving any practice session before

1.0.2 (08.09.2007)

- Added option to show units in imperial or metrics
- Each window can now be fully customized in position and visibility via config-file
- Fixed Windows Vista (32Bit) bug where GTR˛ crashes on closing

1.0.0 (01.07.2007)

- Initial public release

Customizing the DASH

After installing this tool and starting the game for the first time, a file called "XD.ini" will be created in the installation folder. Open the file in your preferred editor and feel free to cutomize it to your own needs. The variables are well commented...


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